Hello, Dear,


I am happy to welcome you here!

I am Judit, a body-therapist and founder of Lobaterapia.

This space has been created for you, offering healing past trauma in the body to become calm, strong, balanced, confident and enable you to shine the brightest.

trauma enery release

About me

trauma bodywork

My name is Judit Acs,

I am an accredited therapist of Craneosacral and Perinatal Biodynamics, 

 Women's Circle Keeper.


My life has changed radically when I became a mother. I connected with such a great creative energy that made me change my whole career and dedicate myself to my passion: to empower women, to help them to connect with their life force, beauty and authenticity before, and after becoming a Mama. 

I learned several healing techniques throughout the years to be able to offer personalised guidance when I accompany someone on a journey of life transformation. 

I create a safe space for my clients where they feel held, heard without judgement. 

I help gently to process past traumas.

The sessions are tailor-made. I use somatic coaching, energy healing and intuitive channelling to achieve the best result.

Why Loba? Loba means female wolf in Spanish. Loba evokes the wolf's spirit: intelligent, intuitive, protective, self-healing.

When a woman connects to her wild side and starts to listen to her intuition, she can endure the difficulties with more ease and multiply the joyous moments.


Offerings of the Loba

      I offer 1 to 1 sessions online 

           The sessions are offered in English, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

            You will receive a distance healing session in the safety of your own home. 


            You will release the stuck energy through your body that will help you improve your physical and emotional health.


The awakening of the Loba

Individualised session to release trauma from the body and reconnect with life force, vitality, balance.


Healing the Wounded Loba

This session is for women who had a traumatic childbirth and feel the need of healing their

C-section or episiotomy scar.


Loba Magic

Body work through Craneosacral Biodynamics, dreamwork and other enchanted techniques to connect to your own magic, enhance your intuition and find your inner guidance.


Mother Loba

A pregnant woman needs to be nurtured to be able to give her best to her baby. Through this work you will feel sustained, lovingly guided, connected to your body and your baby.

trauma energy release