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Welcome to your Safe Space!

Sometimes we feel stuck, like we cannot move forward from our past trauma.

We may feel powerless and suffer of physical or emotional pain.

It is time for you to be seen, heard and held.

Come with me on a journey of self-healing and empowerment!


I am Judit, a body-therapist, trauma informed medicine woman and founder of Lobaterapia.

If you have ever felt, that you are not being perceived for who you really are, I see you.


This space has been created for you, offering healing past trauma to become calm, strong, balanced, confident and enable you to shine the brightest.

Here you can find and express your true essence.

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About me

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Rituals for Life

My name is Judit Acs,

I am an accredited Therapist of Craneosacral and Perinatal Biodynamics, accredited Shamanic Practitioner of Earth-Centred Practices, Human Design Reader,

 Women's Circle Keeper, Workshop and Retreat Leader.

I have struggled many years to be seen in my essence, often times I felt misunderstood, in my attempt to fit in a box that I created for myself.

Then my life has changed radically when I became a mother. I realised that if I wanted my son to be authentically himself, I needed to be an example for him. When I committed to this new path, the Universe started to provide the most unusual ways.

I left the office life and put my faith into the hands of Spirit.

I learned several healing techniques throughout the years to be able to offer personalised guidance when I accompany someone on a journey of life transformation. 

What we heal in ourselves becomes the Medicine we can offer to others.

Being seen for who we really are, in our essence enables us to connect with our power.

I create a safe space for my clients where they feel held, heard without judgement. 

I help gently to process past traumas.

The sessions are tailor-made. I use embodiment practices, breathing exercises, sound healing, creative drawing and crafts and coaching to achieve the best result.

People often ask me why this space is called Lobaterapia?

Loba means female wolf in Spanish. Loba evokes the wolf's spirit: intelligent, intuitive, protective, self-healing.

When we connect with our wild side and start to listen to our intuition, we can endure the difficulties with more ease and multiply the joyous moments.

Work with me and transform your life!

1 on 1 sessions online

Human Design Reading

A session to discover your gifts and learn about your conditioning, so you can start to live by your design

Healing Rose

Mentorship program

Human Design Reading, Trauma Release, Shamanic Work for Healing and Empowerment

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