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Balanced Loba

Through this course I will give you different methods and practices that will help you to be:


more relaxed in your body

more flexible in your mind

more proactive and less reactive


It will help you cultivate more self-love and more space to love others.

As a trauma informed body therapist I see clients daily and based on their needs I created this course that gives tools to befriend the body, release stress and emotional blocks.

Look at the following questions, pause for a few seconds and feel the answers in your body:

Do you ever feel anxious, scared, uncertain about what the future may hold?

Do you suffer from excessive sweating, dizziness or shaking?

Do you have problems with sleeping and often feel troubled by your thoughts?

Do you often suffer from headaches and unexplained pain in your body?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out this video:


One week online course

Only 10 minutes practice a day

It's non-athletic (everyone can do it, no equipment needed)

Can be done at home or wherever you are

Gives you instant feeling of relaxation, balance

Gives you feedback on your physical and emotional state

Choose your package and release the trauma from your body and gain emotional balance!


The Inner Knowing of the Loba Online Course



8 videos that will help you release trauma in the body and become emotionally balanced. 

Different methods and practices that will help you be more resilient, confident, adaptive and more relaxed in your body and mind. 


Investment: € 20


The Inner Knowing of the Loba Upgraded Package

Course + 30 min online consultation

You gain access to the course and a 30 min call to go through all of your questions and do a follow up on your experience after completing the course.



Investment: € 40


The Inner Knowing of the Loba Premium Package

Course + 2 one to one online sessions


You gain access to the course and two online healing sessions. 

In a safety of your home I will help you release stuck trauma in your body and improve your overall physical and mental state.



Investment: € 110

Please book your course by email:

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