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Updated: Apr 23

Since my experience is not 100% positive - hence I will write about pros and cons - I decided not to name the place. This is my impression and I don't want to influence anyone.


Space and nature - like when a horse is your neighbour

Bio-Construction - For us this is the most interesting part. We would like to build a house once we have the land, and we would like to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. For this reason, we are very interested in bio-construction and we happened to meet a person who know LOADS about this topic. Not only does he know, bud he builds and teaches it, so we found, he is a great contact for us for our near future plans.

Straw building, living roof, cob are well-known for him.

I think the place will look gorgeous in a few years. Since only two people work on the land and one person does the construction, of course, it is a very long process.

Here are some pictures of the buildings:


The unschooling part is very little organised for my liking. But again, unschooling is supposed to be little organised.

I guess we are aiming for more structure and also, we didn't spend too much time, so structure could have been more visible and understandable if we stay longer.

Tidiness: One place can be very basic but I like it to be tidy. It makes me feel good. Actually, I cannot really feel good in a messy kitchen and in a toilet that is dirty. Tidiness is one of the basic ingredients for success in any case.

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