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Human Design

Before you arrive to the retreat place, we will have a 60 min call to talk about your design and see what your intentions are for our retreat.


Shamanic Drum Journeys

You will be guided and held to meet your spirit alleys, heal your ancestral lineage and meet your higher self to receive crystal clear guidance for your future.


Voice Activation

We will release blocks from the throat and make our voice heard. As part of your self expression, you will find your voice and with it, your power.


Somatic Work

On the somatic workshops you will learn techniques to connect with the body while feeling safe and calm. I will teach you techniques you will be able to practice at home, to feel aligned, centred and empowered.


Creative Workshops

On these workshops you will learn a very powerful drawing technique to connect with your subconscious and release limitations.

I will also teach you how to use crafts as active meditation and you will take home a piece of art you created.

Image by Karly Santiago

Where? In Sardinia!
New dates are soon to be released!

To be added to the wait-list, please send me an email to

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