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1 : 1 online Mentorship Program

Empowerment for Women

Work with me through a program that is made for your specific needs

These tailor-made sessions will be adapted to your unique situation and we will work together towards an intention, a desired outcome.

I will teach techniques that can be used to harness more inner peace, balance, physical and spiritual well-being.

My clients are people who are in a moment of their lives when they need support to find their centre, balance in order to continue growing spiritually and harness health in the body.

We all have moments in our lives when we need to be seen for who we really are and connect with our essence, while being held in  a non-judgemental space.

I work with people who are committed to their growth, open-minded, ready to take inspired action and consciously choose to heal.

When we create space for our own healing and growth, we give ourselves the gift of our own attention. This attention brings more energy into our system that will allow us to call our power back.

You will be able to hold me accountable for creating a safe, sacred space. I will help you to connect with your own power and magic.

The 3 months package:

During this period we will meet 5 times through Meeting calls. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

We will set the session's dates together.

You will receive exercises to practice and support via watsapp between calls.

How does the Mentorship Program look like?

We will start your mentorship program with a Human Design reading, to understand your potential better and to make you feel validated and seen.

We will also look into your conditioning, the roles you have forced yourself into because you felt you were supposed to be like "this and that".

I will support you while you are finding your power - with drum journeys to connect with your power alleys, cutting energetic cords that keep you stuck in certain behavioural patterns.

We will do shadow work together, to integrate all the parts of you that might be repressed and keep you away from feeling whole.

We may work to release generational trauma from your system through ancestral healing.

We will also practice somatic exercises to take good care of your vessel, that holds all the emotional tension and trauma you carry within you.

As we journey together through this process, you will receive the healing you need this time.

At the end of the program you will feel stronger, wiser, calmer and at peace.

Investment: :

350 EUR

For more details please contact me and book a free discovery call:

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