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Human Design Reading

If you are on this page it is because maybe you already heard of Human Design, could be that you even pulled out your Bodygraph and felt quite confused about it, or you want to deepen your understanding in what you already know.

Either way, you will receive a reading that suits YOU, to be able to absorb and integrate the information you need this time to live by your design, to feel aligned, light and powerful at the same time. You will be more successful, more peaceful and joyous as you start to walk your authentic path.

You will let go of conditioning that is not in harmony with your soul's blueprint.

My approach to Human Design is therapeutical. I will help you to unlock certain blocks in your life, patterns that are not serving your best interest anymore. You have learned the lesson and now you are ready to step forward, feeling lighter and more like the real YOU.


When I first learned about Human Design, and had my profile done, I was mind-blown and relieved at the same time.

Imagine a lifetime of inner knowing that suddenly has been all validated!

I suddenly felt seen and understood like never before.

First I started paying more attention on how I use my energy according my design. I immediately felt more relaxed, more creative, in a state of flow and possibility, instead of tiredness and struggle.

Then I observed how I can manifest and create (this is a big one since we’re all sooooo conditioned to be something we are often not!!!)

Then I started to dig deeper and deeper and I loved how HD was linking together my work as a therapist who works with the body to release trauma, how I could use shamanic practices to help the de-conditioning process one goes through once they know their design.

And I finally understood what my purpose is and how I can embody that purpose gracefully and with ease.

I cannot see a better way to start a very very deep inner journey to self-discovery to come out the other side feeling more authentic, present, aware and serene.

I am so so grateful for this tool and that I gave in and checked it out even if I thought at the beginning it was just another new age wowoo. Well, it turns out, it isn’t. It’s very necessary information in our time of great transformation.

I highly recommend to get your reading done and for those you love too. It will help to understand each other deeper.

And when it comes to parenting….I cannot say how much I learned from my own child. Even if I knew and felt many things intuitively, HD really put things in new perspective.

It is also one of the best presents to give in my opinion to someone you love.

To book a 90 min session with me, please send an email to

Investment: 105 EUR

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