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Dear Parent-to-Bes!

The What to expect...? Package is the second love-child of Judit and Roberto.

After the arrival of our son, Leo, we gained a visceral understanding on how much changes once a child arrives to the family.

Becoming parents for the first time is a HUGE Rite of Passage that should be honoured accordingly.

We are committed to help future parents by providing guidance, full presence and experience.

We offer a safe container where future mom and dad can express their doubts, fears, can ask questions, receive support through somatic and transformational coaching, rituals and other Earth-based practices.

All About Us

Roberto and me we both work in the self-development world, and from the beginning of our relationship we knew one day we wanted to be parents together.

Expecting our son was one of the most beautiful, fulfilling and deep transformation we have ever gone through together as a couple.

Conscious parenting starts before the conception of a child and pregnancy is a wonderful way to learn more about ourselves, our relationship, our needs, dreams and we can create an ever stronger bond in the couple. We are also deeply aware that if we want to raise a healthy and happy child, we need to take care of ourselves as parents and partners first.

In this safe container  we will meet separately and together as well.

Judit holds space for the future Mother, through somatic coaching, feminine shamanic practices, drum journeys and rituals.

Roberto offers transformational coaching to the future Father.

We also meet twice together - during these sessions you will discover more about each other, will learn to give support in new ways, strengthen your relationship and connect with your baby.

The 7 week package contains:

- 5 individual sessions of 1 hour for both

- 2 sessions of 1 hour for the couple

- availability between sessions through watsapp

Investment: 888 EUR

Please schedule your free discovery call by sending an email to:!

You can find out more about Judit here: 

coaching for fathers
About Roberto

Roberto is a Certified Transformational Coach who studied in London.

He grew up in Sardinia, lived in London, Barcelona and recently he resides in Portugal.

He is committed to help people to find their purpose, and he is a true family guy. He loves his son and wife and is always aware of family dynamics and aims to offer the best of himself in the family environment and in the community too.

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