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Trauma Work after Childbirth

Sometimes giving birth doesn't go as expected. It takes time to process the experience. This intimate session will help you heal from the traumatic birth experience, you will find ease, support and you will regain your self-confidence and power. Healing your wound may it be from a C-section or an episiotomy and accept the changes of your body will set you free.

It took me years to really find balance and regain my strength after my caesarian birth, and I find it incredibly important to offer women this medicine, since too often it is not being healed.

In this container we will meet 3 times and I will walk you through different exercises to release trauma from the body, regain your feminine power and embody wisdom and beauty.

Your sessions will contain a guided meditation/ shamanic journey, body work that has been created to release trauma from the pelvis.

I will also walk you through an exercise to heal your scar on the outside and in the deep layers and tissues.

You will learn sensual embodiment techniques to reconnect with and learn to cherish your beautiful vessel in 3D, that is your body.

Please book your session by sending an email to

Investment of a pack of 3 sessions (3 X 60min): 222 EUR

trauma release after childbirth
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