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Allow yourself joy

Have you ever felt anxiety creeping in when having a "too relaxing, good time"? All those doubts about if you even deserved it?! Can it last? Or should you sabotage it to prove once more that things in life sometimes are just too good to be true?

When we develop new patterns of thinking, new ways of seeing the world, it's useful to start by small steps.

How about getting yourself a flower/ice cream, putting on your favourite song in the morning, spoiling yourself just a tiny bit: enough to feel good but not enough to feel guilty about it. Then slowly increase the dose of "ordinary joys" in your life, and let yourself settle into the feeling of enjoyment.

You see, most of us haven't been raised to know that we deserve stuff just because it's our birth right to enjoy life. Mostly we learned that we can be awarded by something we like after we did the hard work/ finished our chores/ behaved well.

How about challenging the status quo of the internalized capitalism and teaching yourself that joy is actually part of life. Not just sometimes, for a few seconds, but actually it is a frequency we can tune into by teaching ourself that it's SAFE to feel joy. You don't have to prove anything for it to happen.

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