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Lately I dedicate a lot of attention to authenticity. It is basically my favourite word at the moment. The more I dig deep in myself in order to get the most of this authentic me who I don’t entirely know, the more hidden patterns I find. Little by little I discover certain behaviours and core-beliefs that used to be the TRUTH for me and they were the basics of all measurement in my life. Good or bad, right or wrong, valuable or cheap. Comparing the perceived world to my values. Especially when it comes to my own persona. An image has been built up, nurtured through years in order for me to cope, to accept myself and find a space where I feel comfortable.

The more I learn about authenticity the more I discover that the closest I can get to myself is trough remembering my authentic child-spirit. And by doing what I really love: dancing.

When I dance, I feel the unity to something bigger than me, I feel my authenticity is being expressed in the physical realm trough movement. One of the greatest pleasures of the human experience. This is the flow I need to have the best ideas, to connect to others and to know how to help.

And you? What makes you feel so alive that you have no choice left but being your best version?

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