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Craniosacral Biodynamics - Somatic Integration after Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

As psychedelic assisted therapy becomes more popular due to it's immense potential to heal trauma and transform lives, it is also becoming more and more important, how we approach the integration after a session.

When we travel to the depth of our shadows, gain new insights on traumatic events in our life, recognize the medicine we received by healing certain aspects of ourselves, we ideally bring this new knowledge to our everyday life.

Integration means, that we bring all aspects of ourselves together, according to Cambridge Dictionary: "the action or process of combining two or more things in an effective way".

This is a great challenge: how do we make the new insights meaningful and useful in our daily life. I encounter people, having participated in plant medicine ceremonies, have had incredibly deep experiences, yet, it remains more an abstract memory of a great moment, than a practical knowledge that can be built in our ordinary life.

So, let's get very practical: if we agree that these special experiences are here to teach us, to transform and grow - not only to have an extra-ordinary experience that we can remember once in a while, when we feel that life gets a bit too monotonous-, then Craniosacral Biodynamics is a great tool we can use to embody the psychedelic experiences.

When our nervous system relaxes deeply, we drift into a dream-like state where we become more aware of our body, our felt senses. This teta brainwave state is ideal to reconnect with the insights we gained during our psychedelic journey.

"Theta waves occur in the hypnogogic state, when you’re falling asleep or waking and your mind feels pleasantly fuzzy and untethered to waking life. When you visualize something, and when you inhibit/repress, you’re in the theta wave range, 4-7 hertz. Associated with relaxed, meditative, creative states. Healing of trauma occurs in this state, where you unrepress traumatic memories by reimagining the trauma as a witness, not a participant, which makes it safe(r)."

Lately I had the honour to hold a CSBT sessions with clients who had a psilocybin assisted session the day before. It was clear that the session helped them to recall certain insights, be able to reflect deeper on the journey and we worked on bringing the experience back into the physical body, connecting to the felt sensations, so the integration process can be whole.

If we use CSBT regularly after a psychedelic healing journey, we can keep on brining information into our awareness and grounding it through our felt senses. So it becomes less abstract and gives us the opportunity to bridge the extra-ordinary and ordinary states of consciousness.

I definitely encourage everyone to book a few craniosacral biodynamics sessions after a psychedelic assisted therapy session, to make the most of this life transforming experience.

Integration after psychedelic assisted therapy

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