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Double standards

The past weeks - given the Middle East's situation - really made me think about how I use double standards in my own life.

The hurt we feel when seeing the terrible destruction of human lives and the pain that many people are going through, the apathy of our society when it comes to certain ethnic groups, (especially if they look and dress differently than us, Europeans, with an almost US consciousness due too the consumption of too much Hollywood bullshit and mainstream media) really got me thinking. Well, actually, it got me feeling viscerally. (aka splenic authority for Human Design nerds) And then those bodily sensations slowly brought in more conscious thoughts.

And as I cannot heal anyone but myself, it got me thinking and asking me a few very important questions:

- Where in my life am I holding double standards?

- What kind of masks am I wearing that make me look (in my perception) in a way that I feel more accepted, seen, loved?

You see, the amount of people, who have influence on what others think, that decide not having a firm opinion on what is going on right now, blows my mind. Especially the healers. The people who have a moral responsibility to see behind the curtain and remain silent is disturbing to me. Hence I have to ask the second question to myself, to double check why does this disturb me so much.

This is a terrible and at the same time incredible time to heal.

It is not comfortable but very necessary.

I invite you to ask the same questions to yourself.

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