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Unleashing Our Potential: How to Harness Our Talents and Enhance Our Lives

Updated: Feb 19

In craneosacral therapy we connect to the inherent intelligence of the body, that is always moving towards balance, which is in the phisical level health.

This inherent intelligence is the web that creates life. When we help to heal someone, we are not forcing the illness to dissapear: we are enhancing the health that will expand and change the overall state of the body.

This logic can be applied on so many levels. It is very normal that if parents have a talented child, who is great in manual arts but sucks in maths, they will pay infinite hours to a private teacher to help the child to improve their maths skills.

This usually leads to frustration, and the child will feel less confident as all the focus is placed on his/her "lack" of skills.

Now, imagine if instead of having extra math classes, the child would get the chance to become better at the crafts he/she is already good at, and grow his/her confidence!

Wouldn't that confidence help the child to improve even their math skills?

When we focus on a child's talents, we authomatically signal the brain that everything is possible, it is to feed the abundance instead of the lack.

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