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Western culture puts a huge emphasis on the importance on being nice.

So today, I’d like to write about what in my understanding the difference is between being nice and being kind.

When you are a kind person, you aim to treat people with love. In order to be able to be kind to others, you have to be kind to yourself, first.

Kindness comes from the heart, it’s a natural flow, a frequency you can connect to. It’s a COHERENT state. You harness love in yourself, and you can give it to others without forcing anything and without expecting anything in return.

Being nice most of the times comes from cultural pressure, it is a behaviour that is imposed upon us. An expectation from society to say the right words, talk about the right topics, being polite, diplomatic, appropriate.

And if we practice niceness without eventually feeling it with our own being, we get out of a coherent state.

Am I saying that rudeness is the way to go? Not at all.

All I am saying is, that one should not feel the obligation to feel “fine” and to smile when one feels differently.

Saying that I am tired, sad, depressed etc does not mean that you are being negative. You are being kind to yourself, you connect with your own emotional state and recognise your own needs.

What it means is that you are a human being and you have the birth right to feel any emotion without labelling it positive or negative. And you should not be judged about it by others. And if you are, it is not your fault or responsibility.

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