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Feelings are for feeling

I got Glennon Doyle's Untaimed between my hands thanks to a friend of mine.

I am obsessed with the book, because I find, every single word is MEDICINE in it.

As much as I in my own work encourage people to

root and ground so they find a safe space in themselves

feel so they liberate stuck emotions

imagine so they can create a life out of imagination instead of indoctrination

I am also very happy and feel deeply empowered when I come across someone with a similar message, knowing so well how to put the message into words.

So please, do read the book! It will shake you and comfort you at the same time.

And when a friend has a hard moment and wants to share her problem with you: please LISTEN. Don't just listen to give advice so you will feel better because you helped and because seeing an upset friend is not comfortable.

Just listen and BE THERE for her. Your PRESENCE is the healing factor, because by creating safe bubble around her she can process her own feelings.

Feelings are to be felt.

Even better when they are felt while in the safety of the presence of a person who has the strength to witness without involve herself. With loving awareness.

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