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"Give us horizons like the sea and the peace of it's immensity"

So far so good. The plan is already changing and we are going with the flow. This is my intention for the year ahead: being flexible and listening to the signs that are calling us the go to certain directions.

We have spent two nights in the caravan, in a beautiful spot with sea view and sea sound to cocoon us at night.

The sunrise and the rainbow in the afternoon just in front of our eyes welcomed us in this new adventure.

The news are showing that it is very hard to enter Portugal at the moment. So we decided to wait and look for another eco-village to visit in the meantime. We're going where we can and we are welcome.

Easy way to filter destinations nowadays. :)

Getting out of our comfort zone also means getting to know other realities that coexist with us without ever realising them.

So far we've met some very nice people, with super interesting stories. These stories inspire us greatly.

The cats are getting used to the new home, but not to visit the outside world.

That will come too with time.

Talking about cats - I thought Aya was the friendliest cat that ever existed on the Earth. Well, I met another cat lady and oh my!!

She came to lay on my lap as soon as I sat next to her. As I always realise, cats and animals of all kind are great Therapist. They are always present.

This afternoon we will decide on where to go and contact the communities.

I enjoy greatly the not knowing. It gives me joy, excitement and trust in the unfolding of things.

It is amazing to be alive!

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