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Going through it together

Let's keep it real guys: not everything is always shiny as fuck.

When one begins a great adventure, there are ups and down, as much as in any life situation.

When one decides to go into the unknown, one needs wide imagination. To create a world, a life, a future that one desires. That is why, we start an adventure in the first place.

It is fun to be outside. It is inspiring to get to know people who see reality the way one do.

It's great to connect and see new ways of living.

It's also hard. It's hard to be rootless physically. One needs to find roots in oneself.

It's hard to be away from people you love. It's especially hard, because one goes into the unknown without an example. We have never been showed by our family how it is supposed to be done.

So one have the limitless possibility to create anything one wants to create. Limitlessness is scary sometimes.

One needs to create one's own structure - may it be mental, lifestyle, financial, spiritual.

One needs to take these moments of life as a MISSION.

When you create from the unknown, with integrity, coherence, with a strong vision, you can help others to do the same. This is something we should never forget.

There is a GOAL, there is a VISION, there is the willingness of opening ourselves up to something bigger and brighter and more aligned, human existence.

For that, we will experience all the colours of the emotions, and if we become mindful, we might learn a big deal from these moments.

Listening inwards and then sharing our truest feelings is the single most liberating act.

This is a short reminder: it isn't supposed to be easy. But with presence, practice and coherence, we become more resilient every day.

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