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Heading into the unknown with a strong vision

This is how I feel.

It has been a long way. We have gone so far already. Starting as people who lived in big cities, like Madrid, London and Barcelona, having everything close by and feeling it was the richest way to live. Quite for a while.

Than we became parents. And we started to have other preferences. We moved out of Barcelona, to a calmer, costal town. We loved it. Until we didn't.

I should also mention, that off-grid living has been a theme for us that came up ever so often - although it was more a dream, then a daydream, but hard to actually make it happen.

Then 2020 happened.

The system spitted us out of itself, as much as we felt, it was time for us to not settle for less, than for a sovereign, self-sustainable, close to nature living.

Before it was a choice, now it became the only way.

Some people tell us, we are brave. I don't think we are, especially because we feel, we can't continue in this environment. We need a community. Not an apparent one.

We would like to share our garden and the education of our children with likeminded people.

It's not going to be easy and we'll need to learn a lot.

Anyway, if you feel like you would like to accompany us on this platform, I will share our experience here.

We have given up our apartment, and we are getting rid of everything that doesn't fit in our caravan. It is already a great exercise, we are getting lighter and lighter, prioritising what really serves us.

It is an exercise I recommend to everyone, even if it's just decluttering your living space.

We are leaving the kindergarden as well - our son is bloody happy that he doesn't need to go to school. He is pretty ready for the adventure.

In 2 weeks the five of us (my husband and I, our SUN and our two cats) is leaving to Portugal, to find or create a community, where we practice permaculture and unschooling. Where we grow wiser, stronger, more connected to the land and where we can raise a child who never settles for less than what he envisions for himself.

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