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How many senses do we really have?

Why is it beneficial to connect with our senses?

I spend some time every day to go beyond and sense more than the culturally identified reality.

Since my work is to tap into very smooth micro-movements in the body, (bones, connective tissue, movement of the cefaloraquid fluid that runs from our brain through our spine to our sacrum and brings information to our cells) I came to the realisation that these movements can be perceived even at distance.

And that is because the wider we open our perception, the wider spectrum of reality our senses are able to translate.

We are taught that we have 5 senses, some might add the sixth sense to it, that is intuition.

Actually, some scientist says there are way more senses that we should consider:

Thermoception - the sense of heat (there is some debate that the sense of cold may be a separate sense)

Nociception - the perception of pain

Equilibrioception - the perception of balance

Proprioception - the perception of body awareness (close your eyes and touch your nose. Got it first time? That's proprioception in action)

The radiation senses: sense of colour, sense of moods associated with colour, sense of temperature.

The feeling senses: sensitivity to gravity, air and wind pressure, and motion.

The chemical senses: hormonal sense, such as pheromones, hunger for food, water or air.

The mental senses: pain, external and internal, mental or spiritual distress, sense of self, including friendship, companionship and power, psychic capacity.

My point is that by deepening our sensitivity we all have the capacity to perceive more information that can help us to track our state of health, mental and psychological well-being.

And these are very important tools that help us to remain healthy and to come back to balance when we are off of it.

My next workshop will be about how we actually develop and strengthen our senses.

We will connect to our senses and discover new ones.

Stay tuned!

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