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Human Design - The Science of Differentiation

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Sometimes I receive comments from people, claiming that they feel a certain resistance towards pulling their Bodygraph in Human Design, because they think, if they are told, what's their energy type, inner authority etc, the information will automatically put them in a box.

Although I understand this concern because I truly believe that avoiding labels is one of the best ways to create more unity, peace and harmony together as humanity, I also experience that the more we understand that we all work differently as one piece of a huge puzzle, we can deeply appreciate our differences as they all are equally important for the whole picture.

When we learn about ourselves through Human Design, we actually become free. As Ra Uru Hu, the founder of HD says, it's like mechanics, it's so simple, you just learn to use your vessel so that you can really enjoy the ride, called life.

If we continue the car metaphor, imagine that you have been driving your car for years, getting the wrong fuel, trying to keep it in 4th gear while going 5 km/h, or keeping it in second gear while you're riding at 100km/h. You get the point: you will end up having to take your car to the service and you hardly make it to your destination, while the ride is everything but enjoyable.

Human Design feels like a very complicated system, yet, it is very simple. It all comes back down on how you make correct decisions and how you use your energy wisely, so you can be of of service to yourself and others.

It brings so much JOY, when you optimize the way your system works, you feel more at peace, satisfied, successful and surprised by life.

Human Design also shows us where in our life we have been conditioned to act, think, feel a certain way, that doesn't let us to shine the brightest.

Have you ever heard a little voice, had an inner knowing that you were not supposed to do things the way you were told?

I kid you not: we ALL did. That's when our real self is telling us that it's enough to live other's lives and it's time to be so entirely ourselves that there's no other way but being a genius. Because we all came here to bring something exquisite, something special to the table.

Imagine, we all become our best self, effortlessly, by following a few easy steps.

This is what HD brings to the equation. We all become the perfect puzzle peace, so we can really create a great and beautiful picture.

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