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Nature and community

Basic needs of humans

Since we settled for a few weeks in the co-living space of Quatro Anas, that is surrounded by nature, big open spaces and kind people, I am constantly in a good mood.

This is something we have always been looking for: community and nature. However, in an urban environment the dynamics are different, the schedules are tight and there is concrete everywhere.

Human connection is necessary for us to thrive, to process everyday events and for instance, to release trauma.

Social engagement is not really a choice only, it is something much more important. It helps us to regulate our nervous system. Obviously, everyone has different needs, some need loads of time with others, some prefer some time alone in silence. (Highly Sensitive People, I am looking at you!!! :)

It is a time when journeys cross then separate again then maybe cross again. I am very grateful for getting to know lovely, colourful, talented people.

And of course, I am grateful for being able to go to the forest every day, grounding, walking, contemplating. I am even more grateful that Leo can live a life that is so rich of experiences, connectedness and barefootness. He is being educated in nature, becoming multilingual without effort and learns to build relationship with different members of the community.

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