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On what is real

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

When it smells off Listen This is a feral siddhi Primal intuition No you’re not “in resistance to what is” No you’re not “blocked” No this isn’t your attachment disorder Or your core wound Or your trauma Or your spiritual immaturity Or your growth edge No this is not a projection This is your innate bodily wisdom The feminine knowing Deeper than the mind If it smells off You’re right You can trust yourself Maybe words can’t explain it That doesn’t mean it’s not real It’s real It. Is. Real You are the harvester of wisdom Buried deep in the black of earth Down down down down Way way down You know You feel it You smell it It’s simple It’s undeniable Feminine Knowing You are an animal Hunting Truth That has no name When it smells right Eat it When it smells off Don’t These are the feral siddhis The intelligence of womb and belly She is speaking to you Listen Don’t be pulled off track By the brilliant webs of mind By the hierarchy of logic By the labyrinth of stories By the theories bought and sold The mind can turn anything into truth Anything Anything So who is to trust? When you don’t know where to step Turn to the feral one The wolf in your bones The dragon in your belly The one who knows Without hesitation Like a tiger in the brush Knows when to pounce Primal intuition Trust yourself Smell from the depths of Crazy knowing Listen Receive Hear what you knew Long before you knew You knew

-Maya Luna

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