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Our first 10 days on the road

Due to technical reasons we had to leave 3 days later than planned. The day we left the caravan park, Portugal closed it's borders with Spain.

So we decided to take it easy and went to the closest open campsite, in Blanes, we parked 25 meters away from the sea. It has always been my dream to park my caravan on the beach - what a way to start the journey!

We decided to buy a bike for Leo, but all the shops were closed. I went on Wallapop, and found a second hand bike that was just fine. It only needed a few fixes, that made it even more fun, because fixing your bike with daddy is one of the coolest thing to do anyway. I also found, the lockdown of businesses might help second hand market to flourish - some good news, after all.

Despite my efforts to find ecovillages in Spain to visit, I wasn't successful: some of them don't receive visitors, others only do in certain dates in springtime, others are still on the list but don't exist anymore. I have been sending emails and messages for a few day but couldn't find a place where we could stay.

So, we decided to continue our journey after 6 nights in this amazingly friendly and wonderful place, and we continued our journey towards Zaragoza, where we slept one night in a city centre camping. (pretty different experience…) and two days later we arrived to Madrid.

Oh, how I missed Madrid and my dear friends! We spent the whole day together and it made me so happy! We stayed two nights in a bungalow, cooked together, hugged, laughed and recharged batteries.

Then we departed to near Plasencia, we are in Camping Monfrague. What a paradise Extremadura is!

We are staying in the most peaceful place where we only hear millions of birds singing. We had the best night sleep with strong rain and soon much oxygen. :)

Next step is to finally find a place with kids, cause quite frankly, Leo needs them. He's been good tho, most of the time…:)

Next stop is Portugal!

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Lovely news!! Thank you 😻❤️ Have a wonderful trip 🤗

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