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Owning my vulnerability

The more I connect to my authentic self, the more I find vulnerability my biggest strength.

Accepting that many of the aspects of my personality can be not perfect, and questioning if perfection even exists and if it does, is it even that important?

Perfection is one of the many learned values that our culture offers us. When something is very well done, we might say it’s “perfect”. And that means, it has no mistakes, errors, asymmetries, doesn’t lack an ingredient, it’s whole. The only thing that occurs to me being perfect, is Nature itself, with all its imperfections, that humankind may find in it.

Vulnerability is an aspect of each of us that we too often try to hide. Even if we all are vulnerable. Wouldn’t it be easier, more fun and liberating owning our own vulnerability?

The dictionary says, vulnerability is being un-protected. I think it’s being seen. With all my colors. Does that make me less protected? That I act like I was always strong, clever, fast, calm? Or it separates me from all the other human beings who desperately try to find connection but ultimately feel less and worthless because they compare themselves to other non-vulnerable people?

Being badass is owning your vulnerability. Being vulnerable is keeping it real.

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