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Quatro Anas - More rural co-living and the joy of being alive

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

We have been staying in Quatro Anas for 9 days now. We are absolutely loving it.

We love to sleep and hear the sounds of nature. (including dogs barking, goose shouting, roosters crowing etc.)

It has been rainy yet we have so much to do here. Plus we bought a good pair of wellington boots and I feel like a member of the royal family doing a walk on her land all the time to check on the property…:)

The people here are just lovely. And we started to do so many things. The lovely Marsy gave us Afro dance class. It was good to realise that despite my beliefs my hips have a lot to learn in terms of possible movements. Marty doesn't only teach afro dance, she carries so much wisdom about the perinea and sees our blockages in the cultural context and gives incredible insights.

She also did a session for the children, they loved it, even some adults joined too.

I had an incredible (painful) Thai Massage with great results, a very uplifting reiki and teta healing session.

There are many healers here and we exchange our knowledge.

We also have Greg from South Africa, who, apart from thai masseur, he is a yoga teacher and does HIT (High Intensity Workout). We did that with him and boy, were we ranting! ( as Kora, our Croatian House manager said, it was clear, it was a class for people over 30. :D)

Spring is about to sprung and more and more flowers are appearing day by day.

Not only new flowers are being born, but there are many new babies arriving at the farm.

…and the kids are on the trees, outside most of the day, jumping, laughing, running and playing.

Us too, spend most of our time outside, socialising, having a few laughs and eating delicious local food.

We visited the ocean the other day, the sand is so soft!

And of course, as usual, we got a little treat from the sky, just the usual sign that is being sent every time, we are on the right path.

Tomorrow we are going to the orange fields to pick up some oranges.

I'll be back with more next week.

In the meantime, I just want to express my gratitude for this place, for the beautiful people, for the magical moments, for nature, for the calm and for the human connections that are being made.

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