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Rebirth and childbirth in community

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The spring is upon us, we can feel the buzzing of nature around us. This time of the year always brings so much mystic energy - life force, new projects.

I haven't been more excited about Easter since I was a kid. I used to celebrate Easter at my granny's house in Hungarian countryside, so spring really made sense to me in nature. I could observe the trees becoming greener every day, more flowers opening in the garden and more birds singing in the morning.

Easter - spring - rebirth carried a strong message, that has little to do with religion. It was a more visceral, pagan approach, connection with nature and connecting to our own potential to once more reborn after a long winter.

This Easter brought a great gift to all of us, something that we will all remember: the arrival of a baby boy, who was born at home, just a few meters away from us.

I could observe how a community unconsciously holds space when birth happens. We all made part of it, finally it wasn't an abstract experience - a pregnant woman going to the hospital then few days later coming home with a newborn.

We could hear the mother birthing, we could almost feel her contractions and we all became one with the experience.

Birth and death have been removed almost totally from the community's life. We feel often awkward when being physically too close to these events. We don't know how to react.

On this day of Rebirth, I invite you all to ask a few questions.

How am I feeling about birth? (my own birth, my children's birth)

How am I feeling about death? Do I keep such an event far from myself, in the depth of my subconscious mind, or I can visit the possibility of such an experience?

Birth and death - when experienced in community - can be processed and sustained differently.

We are not made to face life alone.

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