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Thank you, 2020

It has been a crazy, fast, full of anxiety, stress, fear, pressure-in-the-stomach, trying-to-figure-it-out, having-no-idea, getting-more-information, still-no-idea kind a year.

Then something started to shift.

I started to surrender to the fact that what we thought to be constant has never been and never will be so. That the nature of life is movement.

In this surrender I found strength. It slowly shifted into a deeper awareness. And many portals opened that took me into other dimensions where perception is different. And I started to connect even more with those who I encountered on this same path.

I also said goodbye to those who I felt it was time to let go of. We were following opposite directions. It was painful. Until it wasn't. Once again I surrendered. I felt the sorrow and the sorrow fainted.

I also found my authentic self again and again. It feels good and safe to be in this space. To be surrounded by the aura of a deeper wisdom. The knowing that there is so much we don't know. And that we are never alone. We are being guided towards our soul mission, and we only need to be quiet and listen.

Do you know that moment, when you know with ease and without effort?

The moment that you usually let go because it feels to trivial to be too meaningful. It is too light. It cannot be that easy.

The unbearable lightness of being. ( Kundera forever!!!)

Well sometimes it is. Sometimes it really is about finding that space where you are light.

When you are more being than doing.

When you are more feeling than thinking.

Thank you 2020 for teaching me a great deal about myself. Thank you for showing me that what we feel right are usually the things that are made for us.

Thank you for giving me the possibility to grow and create. Not in a usual way.

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