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The importance of finding our roots

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The way we exist in our world impacts everyone around us. Our children, our partner, our parents, our friends, our neighbours, the old lady we meet and salute on the street.

Being rooted and centred comes from inner work, practice of presence and constant self-inquiry.

The experience of this rootedness will never be complete unless we connect with our ancestors, and with the land where our genetics come from.

Our DNA remembers, when it gets activated, by the frequency of and old folk song, the familiar smell of the indigenous plants, the soil, the degree in which the sun's rays touch our skin, the way the light and shadow plays between the tree's leaves.

We are all indigenous to some land.

By becoming aware of this fact on a visceral level, we start harnessing a deeper connection to all living beings and we start a continuos conversation with Spirit that lives in all things.

Instead of taking from other cultures, we bring in our own, existing knowledge, that is being activated. The dormant cells are being re-shaken and the magic cannot help but show itself.

This work starts by connecting with our ancestors and ask the questions we are longing to know the answers to.

The importance of finding our roots

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