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"The Path to Self-Discovery: Tips for Becoming Ourselves"

As I am closing a very important 7 years cycle, I am starting to reflect back on what has happened since my reality had changed on so many levels.

7 years ago I was a mum to a 8 months old child and I had to go back to work to the office. Pregnancy and motherhood had already shifted my consciousness on so many levels and I started to develop a very strong connection with my mammal self: the carer, the nurturer, the instinctive one who can show her fangs if she senses danger.

I also knew that there was something else waiting for me: I didn't exactly know how it would look, it was a reality that was pulling me in, a way of being: more aligned, more authentic, more joyful and creative.

I have been already entertaining the thought of studying Craniosacral Theraphy but I didn't know how to find the time and the money to do it.

So I went back to work and I continued my "ordinary" life. Until the Universe started to provide:

A new manager rose in the organisation, who felt it was her duty to get rid of all the co-workers who were not "in line" with her values. Of course, I was one of those people. One day the HR guy called me to the office - and although very apologetic, he asked me to sign the papers of my redundancy.

Luckily, at this point I was totally aware of my rights, as I consulted a layer a few days before: I could smell it was my turn to be fired. As it goes, we managed to settle a deal with my work place without having to go to court: a deal that gave me the financial abundance to pay for my training as a Craniosacral Therapist and stay at home with my son until he turned 3.

So much has happened since this very deep transformation in my life. For me there's no difference between personal and professional life as the energy comes from the same source. The more I transform personally the more joy and depth I find in my work too and vice-versa.

Along the way I have met extraordinary people who have taught me extraordinary things and I know that I will continue widening my horizons and learning new skills that will help me to be a better therapist and human. This brings so much excitement to my life on a daily basis. I am living a life that my old self wouldn't have even dreamt of.

By now each and every cell in my body carries a message that communicates: if you really, really desire it, from a place of love and wonder, connect with that emotion and stop trying to figure out how it's gonna happen: let life surprise you! Trust the mystical unfolding of things while you keep your focus on what really matters to you.

Here lies the work:

  1. Showing up for ourselves every. damn. day.!

Because otherwise it won't happen. We need to train our "manifesting muscles" so we become strong at manifesting. We need to commit to ourselves so much that we don't let ourselves down, ever.

2. Whenever we have second thoughts about our direction, we start hearing negative self -talk, we need to focus again. And again. And again. Until we are back on track. Sometimes we may need a coach or a mentor to help us keep our focus. That's alright. Investing in ourselves should be the most popular kind of investment. Money can be taken away from us, knowledge and strong self awareness can not.

3. Becoming friendly with ourselves: recognizing that when we treat ourself with respect, love and coherence, we deliver our best. Creating an environment where we can thrive should be a routine job.

4. Celebrating our wins. Stopping and reflecting on how far we have come will give us courage to continue.

5. Doing the work. I don't necessarily believe it has to be hard, but it has to be constant. And fun. Keeping our interests fed, discovering new knowledge and integrating it with what we already know helps us to remain fresh and curious!

I wish I could give a "21-day training to become yourself" but in my experience it takes more time.

The shift in our consciousness can happen in a blink of an eye, but it remains a trip unless we start to feed it: then it becomes a dream. Then, if we keep on feeding it every day, it becomes a daydream. And when we keep on connecting to this feeling (whatever that is that we want to feel), the daydream becomes reality. Maybe little glimpses of reality at first. Then those moments last longer, and longer, until the next thing we know is that we live in a totally different reality than we used to.

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