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Trauma work - Let's normalise depression

A month ago a wrote about Porges's polivagal theory in my blog, that I find an incredibly important work to understand why we absolutely need to liberate trauma from our system:

Then I had the pleasure to talk with Dr Flora Ijjas about internalised capitalism, and how often we are forced to cope in an obsolete and inhuman culture:

And then I saw my friend and colleague Anna Solyom posted this article:

This just so beautifully ties all together.

I am so grateful, that more and more professionals are seeing that it is absolutely important to make people who struggle understand that they are NOT different and it is NOT THEIR FAULT.

"It is time that we start honoring the courage and strength of depressed people. It is time we start valuing the incredible capacity of our biology to find a way in hard times. And it is time that we stop pretending depressed people are any different than anyone else."

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