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Trauma release exercises part 3

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hold you inner child's hand.

When you have some time to really look inwards, connect with your inner child.

Softly, calmly start to remember what it felt like being a kid.

Connect with your emotions and connect with the need of your inner child.

Ask her/him, what does she need the most? Is it strength, is it calm, is it protection, is it love, is it feeling safe and grounded, is it feeling cozy?

Whatever the answer is, visualise yourself as an adult, taking care of your inner child's needs.

You are fully equipped now to give her/him what she couldn't have at a certain moment of her/his young life.

How do you release trauma from your body with this exercise?

You release childhood trauma through reparenting yourself, since you can be the best parent for your inner child, knowing her/his needs. He/she will feel safe that is the state of trauma release. Actually, we can only release trauma from the body when we feel calm and safe, when we have trust - this is how we sooth our nervous system, so it can liberate accumulated energy.

When trauma is released from your body, your stress level drops and your immune system becomes stronger.

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