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Trauma release exercises part 1

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Listening to a friend without wanting to solve her/his problems.

Have you ever heard of active listening? It's a skill that should be taught at school in my opinion.

So instead of interpreting through our own filters what the other person is trying to express, we keep ourselves in a neutral position. What does that mean?

We listen openly, without the need of reacting, replying. We just listen.

Try this with a friend and tell me how did both of you feel.

How do you release trauma from the body this way?

When someone doesn't feel judged, she/he start feeling safe. By feeling safe, we calm down. When our nervous system calms down, it automatically starts to release trauma - that is accumulated energy in our system that can't find it's way out.

Sometimes healing is easier than you think. ;)

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