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Trauma release exercises part 2

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Let it go - they say. Get rid of it, when it's to heavy.

Of course. That sounds like a good idea, but how exactly - you might ask.

Remember that we have two ancient technologies that work just fine when it comes to accumulated energy release: laughter and crying.

Do not ever underestimate these two technologies! And don't try to suppress them, please.

I know, we are taught quite the opposite. Or at least we are taught to release only when it's socially and culturally adequate.

I, however, would invite you to just release it when you feel it's coming.

Cry hard, laugh hard.

We ALL feel the need of this release.

How do you release trauma from your body this way?

A big energy release brings deep calmness afterwards. Once your nervous system calms down - you start to digest well, sleep better, rejuvenate and your immune system gets a huge boost.

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