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"Cracking the Code: How to Be Recognized as a Human Design Projector"

Updated: Mar 8

If you are a projector, the first time you pulled out your Human Design chart and learned about your energy type, possibly two things could have happened: either you felt a huge weight went off of your shoulder OR you felt hopeless.

If your reaction was the first one, it's likely you just needed to be seen and acknowledged, and as you felt the wave of recognition, you immediately opened yourself up.

On the other hand, if your reaction was panic (how will I be invited?!, it's me who always has to get things done!) then you may well be a very conditioned projector, who lives a life of forced manifesting and doing, doing, doing with periodic burn outs.

Now, I'll be honest with you: I have always defined myself as a "doer". (I am also an energy projector, so the root gives me the adrenalin to do). But what we do and how we do it is very different from another energy types.

What I usually say is that we all are energy workers - the non-sacral beings move the energy of the sacrals. What us, projectors do, is we guide that energy.

How can we be recognised by this energy moving ability, by our gift of seeing and understanding in depth processes (human or system related)?

I kid you not: we have to recognise ourselves first. We need to master our gifts, because projectors naturally go deep. So, whatever you are attracted to study, observe, analyse, do it until you feel satisfaction - and that means, do it really well!

This depth will give you confidence, and that is what you need to be recognised by yourself, first!

You read it correctly, you need to be the first who recognises yourself, and I know it's not easy because we are not used to pay attention to ourselves, but to anyone else.

My advise is to visualise your highest, most successful self and have an open dialogue with her/him.

How do you feel when you are successful?

How can you own your special gifts that will improve people's life?

What do people need from you?

Take time to take good care of your body, your mind, your soul. The more aligned you feel, the more people will ask your opinion and the invitations will start to flow towards you from left and right.

You can find more information about HD readings here:

If you would like to book a first session with me to understand your design, you can do it by sending an email to

You can also ask for a second reading where we find answers to questions like:

What are you here to share with the world?

What is your basic need to thrive?

Where are you going?

What are you distancing yourself from?

What gives you boost?

What are you here to communicate?

What do you value the most?

What are you most passionate about?

What are your most authentic gifts?

What has been your biggest challenge?

What do you need to heal to stand in your power?

What is your spiritual purpose?

How can you evolve and grow best?

Congratulations on your success, dear fellow projector!

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