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Faking spirituality in the world of Spirits

Updated: Apr 24

In my son's school they tell the kids that there's a dwarf that brings them stuff - stuff that are actually made by their parents.

We are supposed to tell our children that it was the dwarf and not sharing the joy and commitment of doing something for them with our bare hands.

They say it's because they teach them spirituality. SAY WHAT?!

You see, this is a little bit disturbing. We live in a world full of spirits and they will communicate with us if we care to listen. We don't have to invent stuff.


Dude, I channel fairies. I've seen weird shit in plant ceremonies, in shamanic practices. It is not new, although it's mind-blowing every time I experience it.

So here comes the problem: those who invent spiritual beings instead of taking the time to really meet them, create false spirituality. What are they really looking for: real connection maybe? So, it might as well be better to find that connection with oneself, first.

We all are spiritual since we are existing, there is a force that keeps us alive, that makes us having mindf*cks like this one here. Spirit, God, the called by thousand names - so people have a lot to disagree about when it's just a matter of wording.

Instead of waiting for a far out spiritual awakening experience, let's just go out to nature and observe the trees and the flowers and the birds and the bees.

If one cannot find spirit there, it's likely that one won't find IT in other places neither.

Sit and breathe! Observe life flowing through you! That's your closest connection to spirit.

Here I am again, inviting everyone to ride the horse of authenticity. You'll get much further and will have a way more exciting ride!

Get rid of the fake and stay open to the wonders that are all around us!

Fairytales are amazing tools to connect to the unconscious part of our psyche and work with symbology. Storytelling creates our reality in many ways and helps us process and integrate collective, generational or individual trauma.

It is not necessary to make us believe in spirits. For that we can use the good old empiric method: observation!

It is our responsibility to stay grounded.

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