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"8 Daily Habits to Help You Stay Strong During Tough Times"

Updated: Feb 19

Challenging periods are part of our journey: they are inevitable, but the way we go though them can be very different, according to our approach. I gathered a few hacks that can make a huge difference to help to keep our focus and adapt to a challenging situation.

  1. Your first thought in the morning: give thanks. Always bring your awareness towards something you can be grateful for.

  2. Wash your face with ice-cold water. This will do to reset your nervous system. If you can take a cold shower, that's great, but even a cold face wash will do.

  3. Locate movement in your day: a walk, yoga, workout. Whatever you like. Plan it in the morning when will you do it. Say for example: When I finish work, I do my push ups before leaving my office. Be precise, because the more you plan it, the likelier you're going to do it.

  4. Use music to cheer you up and relax. Prepare a list of your favourite uplifting tracks and put them on to connect with your joy.

  5. Thank yourself every time you show up for you self, even if your heart, mind or body is heavy.

  6. Don't give up if you failed to do the previous hacks. Try to stick to your schedule tomorrow.

  7. Not only dress for the job you want, but become the person you want to be. Imagine how you would walk, what would you talk about if you lived your highest version's life.

  8. Remember to repeat the above recommendations every day: mastery is about repetition and commitment. If you feel that you need help to implement long lasting changes in your life,I invite you to join my mentoring program. I will teach you exercises that can be used anytime to restore emotional and physical balance, and help you gain focus, clarity and become excited about life again. For more information visit: or schedule a discovery call with me sending an email to

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