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Releasing emotional trauma in the body

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Everybody carries trauma in their system and that is ok.

May it be physical or emotional trauma.

From before birth, from birth, childhood, teens, adulthood...

From the collective, from our ancestors...

The key is to recognise, how we are and open ourselves to the possibility that we can liberate this trauma from our system. It is not about living trauma free because it’s impossible. It’s about normalising trauma, understanding it’s nature. By learning about ourselves and the nature of trauma we can be in contact with ourselves and recognise when it needs to be released.

Can trauma really be stored in the body?

When we have a response to an event that we perceive as traumatic, our body generates a huge amount of energy that can be used to flight, fight or freeze.

If we use this energy to run away or to punch our depredador, we can liberate big part of this energy, but often not all of it.

When we freeze, we act like we were dead, until the danger passes, however, later we should be able to get rid of the energy that has been accumulated in the body.

The problem is that we don't always know when our body releases trauma and we might try to avoid or supress it. Shaking, crying and laughing hysterically can be part of the release.

Bodywork is extremely important when it comes to trauma release, since the accumulated energy can be stored in our soft tissues, muscles, fascia.

When we become aware of our body, the sensations in it, we can finally let out what doesn't serve us. We can reconnect with the numb parts. And that is when healing takes place.

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