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Healing comes from integrating in the body

Updated: Sep 1

The body is the place where we hold the trauma. Any emotional trauma can be felt in the body, and we have the capacity to track it down and release it.

However, we need to be gentle with ourselves.

This is why it is a good idea to ask for guidance when committing to heal our past trauma in the body.

When we hold trauma for too long, it is like living in a constant fear-like state. And that is why the body can be a not too comfortable place to be.

We can dissociate from the body in order to protect ourselves by being always in the mind.

By overthinking.

By numbing ourselves.

Here are the good news:

You can learn tools.

There are very useful tools and some will work immensely well on you.

When you practice the somatic approach, meaning, that you learn to signal your body and nervous system to become more balanced, your thoughts, feelings will be more balanced too.

We often think we can solve everything by thinking.

Today I invite you to take a different approach: learn to sooth your system and observe how your thoughts will start to shift.

I am here to teach you a great deal about your body. ;)

Trauma release in the body
Calm the body

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