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Reclaiming our power after traumatic childbirth

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Dear Women, I would like to remind you that your birth experience IS important.

Most likely, straight after giving birth you were way too busy to nurture your baby and you spent your time trying to redefine yourself and slowly fit into this new way of existing. (Also, trying to get some sleep...)

The years have passed and you don’t really think too much of how you gave birth.

Images might pop up from time to time, especially in vulnerable moments or when someone has a new baby and they tell you their birth story.

So you go back in time and you feel really empowered by your own childbirth or you feel really powerless.

As if the birth experience had been stolen from you.

Then you rethink the whole story, think about how your child is happy and healthy and you once again put this issue under the rag.

This feeling pattern stays with you, the half conscious feeling of loss, but you keep on going forward.

Until one day you validate your feelings, give yourself the space to mourn your loss.

So you can release the traumatic experience, from body, mind and soul.

Whenever you are ready to release this heavy baggage, please know that I am here to hold space for you while you transit through the process of healing and you let go of what could have been.

You too are a powerful woman and by gifting yourself a space where you can softly process your birth trauma - you reclaim your power.

I see you.

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