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How to heal from a narcissist abuse

Updated: Jan 26

As a person who has personal experience with narcissists, I have the tendency to attract clients who had a similar experience. I am passionate about helping people finding their voice, their authenticity, as that is the safest place to be.

When we are experiencing narcissist abuse, we tend to loose our own identity, our own voice, we may be confused emotionally as well.

Learning about our Human Design Chart will help us to understand our vulnerabilities, the ways we are conditioned and it will also help us to see who we really are - in a way that we start to gain more self-confidence and we consciously choose to step into our power. That is exactly what we loose when we are in a dynamic with a narcissist.

When we identify our conditioning, the de-conditioning process can start to take place: for this process shamanic tools are used.

We call back the lost parts of our soul to feel whole again. Trauma work is a pivotal part of any healing process.

We cut the unnecessary energetic cords with the narcissist. Learning to set strong boundaries is one of the biggest skills one can have.

We discover the gifts our benevolent ancestors share with us. When we connect with this deep knowledge and information that our DNA holds in our body, we immediately feel stronger and more supported in life.

We connect with our power animal and alleys. Sometimes feeling raw power is all we need. Embodiment starts by connecting with our instincts.

At the end of the process we step into a sense of renewed life force, love for self and others, a deeper level of self-awareness and the excitement of being alive.

It is possible to recover from the confusion, the feeling of being used and manipulated.

It can become a big lesson in our lives that made us wiser, more alert and understanding with ourselves.

We become inherently grateful for the work we've done and can become a big help for others who are going through a similar process.

If you feel, you need support, please contact me at or have a look at my one on one mentorship program:

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