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Quatro Anas - organic farm and co-living space in Portugal

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Where should I start?

Apart from the fact that I feel like I am being reborn.

We arrived 2 days ago and realised that our huge caravan won't fit in the gate if we pulled it by our car. 6 people came to help us straight away and with human strength we were able to push it inside the garden.

The first news was is that there is a playgroup for the kiddos - a wonderful local kindergarten teacher looks after them, while they play in a wonderful space inside, and of course mainly outside the garden. (That means that we can work, enjoy free time even more.) I was about to cry by this wonderful news. (Also, I just put 3 "wonderful's" in the same phrase..)

The kids are mixed nationalities, from 3-7 years. At the moment there are 6 and 2 more are coming next week.

This is their playground.

There's a wonderful sport's space and we have several yoga teachers so it looks like we gonna have regular classes. (Oh hey, another wonderful :)

Some people rent rooms in the main buildings, some are parked in their vans.

There's a huge variety of nationalities, the main language is English.

There's plenty of space to socialise, to have a chat or work.

We also have a cafe and a shop where we can buy the farm's organic products. A piece of heaven. Really…

Tomato sauce, sweet potato, egg, jams, vine and much more.

I have been doing sessions already remote and presencial, and I think this is the cosiest space where I have ever worked.

Just a few updates for now, I'll be back with more. I'll visit the farm with mu camera, so I can document the one week old baby goats and much more….

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