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Rural living and community

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This morning we had a trip to the vineyards, and we helped a few hours on the land.

We appreciate a lot that grape, it has the best, 100% organic wine we all like in this place :)

We started at 8 and finished at 12, so we did quite a bit of a workout for the day. Not farmer style but hey, we did our best.

Leo had a good time and was very happy to be of help. He actually is a great help!

I also found pretty important to report that we have a new member in the co-living, Woody, a 16 years old dog.

Greg and Nicole went for a walk to the woods yesterday and they thought they were hearing a little bird asking for help, but when they approached they realised it was a doggy. So they took him home, and later to the vet because he was not in the best shape.

He seems to be abandoned, no chip at all. He is old, almost blind and deaf, but he is sweet and very loving. He's name is Woody cause he came from the woods.

And this is what Greg and Nicole built to him, because they were worried he might end up in the river next to us, since he doesn't know where he is going when he wonders around.

Woody is so lucky to have these amazing friends!

I also need to mention yesterday's improvised gathering/beauty saloon in the garden, we spent the whole day there. I got a haircut from Kora and Marsy braided my hair, I felt so pampered and cute. :) I love these people so much and I feel so lucky to have the chance to spend time with them.

Shall we not forget to come together, without looking at our watches, without planning it all. Just spontaneously get together and be, and laugh and talk and process life itself.

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