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The bittersweet symphony of goodbyes

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

And here we go again. I am so used to say goodbye.

Sometimes I ask myself, will there ever be a place where we settle for good?

I used to think this would be the place, and here we are leaving the apartment I once tought was a dream come true.

Goodbye beautiful sunrises at the sea.

Goodbye huge terrace, you saved our life so many times, especially during lockdown.

You welcomed so many great gatherings, dinners with friends, children playing.

Goodbye beautiful community garden with pool, where Leo learned how to swim from one day to another. He decided one day, and off he went.

Thank you, Barcelona for the great dinners when we were two.

Thank you for the cats who came to make part of our family.

Thank you for Leo, thank you for the midwifes, who made a huge part in my awakening that some things just don't work the way we are taught.

Thank you for the beautiful friendships.

Thank you for all the sunshine.

My heart is full.

In perinatal biodynamics we take people back to a state where they reconnect with the sensation of being in their mother's womb.

We do that trough soft touch, in a group, where an individual feels safe, not judged and sustained by the group.

Healing takes place when trauma is being released through accessing our first memories after conception. We can be reborn, and the mother's womb is being created by the physical support and neutral state of presence of the members of the group.

This is how important community is. Our health becomes stronger when there is authentic connection between the members of the community. When we are being held. So we can process trauma, that is how our nervous system is built.

Social engagement is a very important part of every healing journey and the maintenance of balance.

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