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What worries future fathers the most?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When the news arrive that a man will become a father, many questions start to arise at the same time:

Am I ready?

Am I able to support the family financially?

What kind of a father will I be? Will I be good, caring, will I connect with child, will I have difficulties relating to him or her?

Will I be able to be supportive emotionally?

What is my role in this new dynamic?

Many men are able to journey through this period feeling confident, able to talk to their partner, family or friends.

However, many others feel no support in moments of emotional need, often they feel isolated in their environment, they have no-one to talk to, to share their concerns or just to ask a few questions.

Having someone to talk to, to feel supported is pivotal in the process of becoming a father. It helps to position oneself in a new constellation, helps to be able to be of support for the expecting mother, and child.

If you feel that you would appreciate support in your journey of becoming a father, you can have a free discovery call with Roberto, who is a transformative coach and father, and he has been helping men like you.

Contact Roberto here:

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Worries of future fathers

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